Friday, 4 September 2009

Feelings and time.

Isn't it strange what only a few days or weeks can change. I was happy and upbeat but now I guess not as happy and upbeat as I was! Although I'm looking forward to college on Monday. I did the deed of enrolling on Wednesday, it went pretty quick. The other students looked a bit, well, unusual but I'm sure they're all very friendly. (I hope.)

I think I'm glad I have chosen Graphic Design over Multimedia. I'll soon find out anyway! Its nice that I know the majority of the second years too. Money might be an issue but I'll deal with that issue when it arrives.

But yes anyway, starting college will be good. I'm just not sure how I feel at the moment about things. Just generally I guess. I've changed so much. I feel a little numb but I'm hoping its just me being silly. YAY for sillyness, I hope.