Saturday, 25 April 2009

FInal Major Project - Web Portfolio

Well, here it has come. The FMP. I am hoping for a distinction for this final project, I'm trying to push myself hard and achieve as much as I can from the units set out.
Then again.. I can't be working that hard if I'm twonking around on blogger ;) But yes.. so far so good.

I've been busy taking photographs of which I could maybe display on my website.
Such as ;

I think such images will look attractive when displayed appropriately on my website design.

I think today will be a day fun filled with a bit of digital painting for my project. The only annoying thing is, is that my graphics tablet doesn't work with my snazzy PC, only with my un-snazzy laptop which I clearly HATE. Boo-h00!
I want a new A4 sized Tablet, preferably WACOM (hint hint).
Wacom rules all.
I just hope that I don't end up printing masses of designs out today and have to fork out another 20quid for bloody ink.

I reckon I should start a petition for there to be a colour printer in the Multimedia room free of charge! Whos with me?! :D

I'm a bit pickled of which design would work best though seeing as its a Portfolio of work I've completed at college. Informal/Formal?

Here is some work I've started working on so far... As a design aspect aswell as a logo aspect.


Anonymous said...

Yes a colour printer would be good in MM!

I like the pics that you have for your project :)

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