Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's Saturday again.

So I've been tweeting a hell of a lot lately. Good/bad thing? Its actually quite addictive.
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I do update quite frequently, most tweets are bizarre and entertaining.

In other news, I purchased a Rough Trade bag last week. Ah, how I love Rough Trade Records. The new album released from "The XX" is immense. I love it. Hopefully I will get to see them at the Bodega Club in Nottingham. I'm obsessed about them. While being obsessed with "The XX" I am quite bored of well, being bored! Although, this summer has gotten better. I'm happier and more content than I was.
Starting back at college will be fun, I can't wait to start Graphic Design. I think I'm 88% sure its for me. I will just miss being a nerd at a computer all day. Ah well, we can't have it all can we?

I've nearly finished the project that was set over summer. I just want to be motivated again!
I will miss all the guys who have left college and start uni next month. :( But I'm sure I'll be heading over to Birmingham alot to see them. I'm jealous, I wish I was starting university!

All in good time.


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